Saturday, April 28, 2012

Charlie Engle & Drymax Team Up To Run America


Charlie Engle and Drymax Sports are teaming up for an epic run across the United States in an attempt to set a new Trans-American record.

Beginning September 13, 2008, in San Francisco CA and ending on or before October 28, 2008 in New York NY, “Running America” is an idea sparked by Charlie as he contemplated the next Mission. He knew he had just run across the Sahara Desert to help Africa, so why not run across the US to help America? This time the task will be to finish the run in 45 days to break the world record.

To accomplish this he, along with Marshall Ulrich, will have to run an average of about 70 miles a day for 45 consecutive days straight. He will be relying on Drymax Hot Weather Socks in order to keep his feet healthy and blister free for is 3,200 mile journey.
About Drymax Socks Engle commented, "I started running ultra marathons about 10 years ago. Over the years I have won a few races and done poorly in a few. I figured out that when my feet stayed in good shape, I did much better. Not really a big surprise. But keeping one's feet healthy while running 100 miles isn't easy. So I was thrilled when I discovered Drymax socks. Drymax socks protect my feet from blisters but also keep them cool in the hottest weather. I will be counting on Drymax to keep my feet healthy as I run across America."

The run will benefit United Way and will promote healthy living and lifestyles for America's youth.

Drymax is very proud to be selected by Charlie to assist him in his mission.

We will be updating his progress regularly. Good Luck Charlie!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Olga Varlamova Earns A Hat At The Where's Waldo 100k


Congratulations Drymax Ultra Runner Olga Varlamova for earning an official 9th place in the Where's Waldo 100k. The Portland resident completed the 100 kilometer race in 15 hours, 5 minutes and 5 seconds.

The race begins and ends at Willamette Pass Ski Area southeast of Eugene, Oregon with 11,000' of elevation change and 3 major climbs of more than 2,000'.
Olga said: "I am pretty beat up today, not sore, just overall exhausted... My feet are sore, although not trashed and not a single blister." Olga wore Drymax Running Socks for the duration of the race.
About earning the hat she stated: "As for the hat…was it worth it? Hell, yeah! I am a proud owner of this item, and I intend to look at it with a smile…it was an absolutely awesome un-forgetful day on the beautiful Oregon trails, with fantastic people who make this experience even more valuable than it could ever be imagined. Thank, Craig, Curt and your star crew! I plan on coming back!"

Congratulations Olga for your fantastic race!

photo by Olga Varlamova
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jamie Donaldson Wins Women's 2008 Badwater Ultramarathon


Jamie Donaldson is an amazing individual and tremendous athlete. Drymax is very fortunate to have Jamie competing in our Maximum Protection Socks.

Since wearing Drymax socks in the most recent H.U.R.T. 100k she has performed in dominating fashion setting numerous records. Most notably breaking her own record at the Umstead 100 and Pam Reed's Women's Badwater Ultramarathon record with a time of 26 hours, 51 minutes and 33 seconds.

Jamie will be competing in this weekend's Lean Horse 100 as preparation for her appearance on the National Team in Korea later this year.

video shot and edited by Bob MacGillivray

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Drymax Sock Dryness Demonstration


Drymax socks are the number 1 sock to keep feet dry. We do this demonstration over and over again at marathons, ultra marathons and events around the country. People just can't believe it. There is nothing fake about this video, it is 100% real. No slide of hand and not cutaway shots.

We guarantee our socks to keep your feet drier than any other or your money back.

Ultra Runners like Lisa Bliss, Luis Escobar, Jamie Donaldson, Tim Englund, Jenn Shelton and many more wear Drymax socks in some of the most punishing environments in the world.

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Jenn Shelton Record Setting Crater Lake Win

The last minute entry by Drymax runner Jenn Shelton certainly paid off with a record setting performance at the Crater Lake Marathon. This is the first time Jenn has run the event setting the women's course record with a time of 3 hours, 15 minutes and 1 second. This shaves nearly 3 minutes off the previous record time which has stood since 1991.
Jenn took the lead early and was never really challenged by her nearest competitor 12 minutes behind.
Shelton, normally an ultra runner entered the event at the last minute because she felt "out of shape" and "needed a good workout."
Her race report is forthcoming.

Congratulations Jenn!
photo by Andy Atkinson
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Ultra Runners Recent Comments on Drymax Socks


We really pride ourselves in working with Ultra Runners. We receive our best and most honest feedback from those who put their feet and bodies through amazing torture. What we learn from people who run 50, 100, 135, etc.. miles is invaluable to improving our products on a continuous basis.

Here are some comments about Drymax we have received in the last few weeks from those very runners:

Anthony Portera, I Run Ultras Blog:
"My initial take on the Trail Running Sock is very positive. I'll do a full review on each of the socks after I get some more mileage under them, but I liked the dense padding (as opposed to thick padding that might affect the fit of the shoes) and reinforced toe and heel. They also boast a "shoe seal" to help reduce debris entering the shoes, and I actually do not recall a single rock getting in my shoes. On long runs I typically tape my toes to avoid blistering in troubled spots. I did not tape for today's run and have no blister issues."

Dan Rose, Run 192 Blog:
"I am being 100% honest when I tell you I finished this insanely punishing 192 mile asphalt run with NO BLISTERS!! Drymax socks are amazing."

Alene Nitzky, Alene Gone Bad Journey To Badwater Blog:
"Speaking of feet, the Drymax socks are working great too. I've been wearing them everywhere, running, biking, to work, around the yard. I use the walking, tennis and golf socks for work, and my feet stay more comfortable later in my shift in all of them.

Standing on my feet all day and wearing cotton socks isn't the best thing. The Drymax socks are thicker and give my feet a softer surface to stand on and they really do stay dry after 13 hours.

I like the sport socks and the lightweight mesh running socks in my bike cleats, they are thinner and give my cramped feet more room, and keep my scrunched up toes dry.

So far I have tried the regular running socks and the lightweight ones and I like both of those socks. I really notice a difference in how dry my feet stay in the regular running socks. They are thicker socks and I usually don't like thick socks because of the size difference in my two feet. The thick Drymax socks stay dry and don't cause a problem wth friction or seams."

Photo by Alene Nitzky
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Mattek Elevates Her Rankings Before US Open


Bethanie Mattek continues to improve her game and in turn improve her rankings as she prepares to compete in the 2008 US Open.

Presently she is ranked #45 in the world in Women's Singles, #22 in the world in Doubles and #18 in the world as a team with Sania Mirza.

To put this in perspective, Bethanie is the 4th ranked American behind only the Williams sisters and Lindsay Davenport at the age of only 23.

We are very excited to see her progress toward the upcoming US Open. Go Bethanie!!!
Getty Images
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